Welcome & Intro

Hey, it's great to have you here :)
It means you're considering the startup life – something exhilarating, terrifying, hard and intensely rewarding, all at the same time.

We're grateful you've chosen our course to guide you through that startup journey, so we promise this – if your intention is strong to make things happen, your odds of successfully founding a startup or creating a startup career will massively increase.


This course is designed to prepare two types of people:

1) people that want to build a startup
2) people that want to begin their startup careers

Generally when we've seen entrepreneurial courses out there, there's been two approaches – to follow one school of thought for building a startup (think Lean Startup), or to throw a bunch of startup "schools of thought" together in no apparent order.

That's why we've designed this course. We've drawn on the best thinkers and doers of the entrepreneurial world, taking what we believe are their most powerful moments. And then we've presented them here in a coherent narrative; from finding your idea to growing your burgeoning business. Along the way, we bring in psychology and philosophy perspectives too, forcing you to ask the hard questions that will get you the personal development needed to bring your startup to life.

The course follows this structure:

In each section we've handpicked readings, podcasts and videos for you to learn from masters of entrepreneurship. There are also short online courses by other providers that we'll share, for when you'll need more in-depth learning.

Every section ends has assignments for you to do, and "quick questions". Don't move onto the next section until you've done them – there are no "hacks" to becoming good at something.

This course is designed to be fast-paced, and requires taking action in the real-world alongside working through it's content.