Intro To Startups

An intro to the key frameworks, narratives and mindsets in the startup world

On this program, we run through how you can create a startup in a way that's powerful, genuine, and prepares you for growth.

We took the entrepreneurial world's best thinkers and doers – Peter Thiel, Eric Ries, Seth Godin – and Design Thinking frameworks. Then we combined their most effective concepts into a clear pathway for you to follow in building a remarkable business.

We add philosophy, psychology and personal growth into each part of your journey too; exposing you to impactful knowledge and asking you the hard questions that'll form the foundation of your startup career in the future.

Your Instructor

Nomad Academy
Nomad Academy

I'm Harry, cofounder of Nomad Academy, and through our programs have worked with hundreds of young professionals in starting their companies, launching their freelance businesses and transitioning their careers.

I've personally spent over 5 years in startups as everything from intern to first employee to manager to founder, experiencing funding rounds, pivots, accelerators and exits first hand.

Combining this experience with learning experts, professional coaches and entrepreneurs, we've created a course that propels you into the startup world and gets you on the path to achieving something epic in your career.

Course Curriculum

  The End Of The Beginning
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