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“Right now, a Kenyan Maasai Warrior on a mobile phone has better mobile communications than [40th President of the United States] President Reagan did 25 years ago; And, if he were on Google, he would have access to more information than [42nd President of the United States] President Clinton did just 15 years ago. We are effectively living in a world of communications and information abundance.”

Another piece of fake news? For once, no! This quote comes from Peter Diamandis M.D., aerospace engineer, molecular genetics physician, investor in over 20 companies in the areas of longevity, space and education, two-time bestselling author and founder and chairman of X Prize Foundation.

Let’s see what he was saying about the state of our world almost a decade ago:

What an incredible time to be alive. We’re living in an age where the opportunity to create something of value for the world is literally at our fingertips. Is creating something going to be easy? Haha, you wish! But is creating something possible? Absolutely.

There’s something Diamandis said during this talk that really struck a chord with us: “The one thing I've learned at the X Prize is that small teams driven by their passion and focus can do extraordinary things, things that only large corporations and governments could do in the past”.

This is exactly why you’re here. To understand your passion, find your focus and learn what it takes to create something of value for the world. Without a doubt the best way to learn this, is by taking massive action. The Nomad Academy therefore emphasises practical learning and individual effort. It’s up to you to apply yourself and figure out what works for you best.

What will make this course a success? If you leave this course having realised your potential to impact the world through startups. How? By learning the frameworks and mindsets proven most effective in the startup world, and applying them at break-neck speed to upgrade what you're capable of creating.

Welcome to Get Startup Ready.