Go Freelancer

The key things you need to know to create a successful freelance career

This course brings together the learnings from experts and pre-eminent voices in freelancing; such as Seth Godin on self-marketing and Cal Newport on Deep Focus. We've chosen the best resources out there from those thinkers and doers – online courses, videos and readings.

We'll cover the basics you'll need in a wide variety of freelance topics – all to get you the skills and mindset to maximise your chances of creating a freelance career you love. We begin with a dive into your purpose and asking some harder life questions; creating a strong foundation before the more practical knowledge of the later lessons in this course.

It's great to have you here – welcome to the beginning of your difficult, but fulfilling freelancer journey...

Your Instructor

Harry Verma
Harry Verma

Harry has spent over 5 years in tech startups in London, going through funding rounds, pivots and exits. That startup experience has been in the fields of media, HR and lifelong learning, ranging from Head of Biz Dev to first employee to founder.

He currently runs The Nomad MBA, which combines tech-driven learning with in-person experiences – to get young professionals the skills & mindset for remarkable careers.

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  9] Wrapping Up
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